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Airstream Marketing Stack

Airstream is a repeat participant in The Stackies, for which we’re enormously grateful. You can check out their entry in last year’s Stackies awards.

This year, they expanded the list of tools that they include in their marketing stack in five categories:

  • Planning
  • Creative
  • Engagement
  • Dealers
  • Measurement

The design of their entry is attractive and on brand. Each tree represents a martech tool in their stack, and the categories are clustered as camping destinations on the map.

One of the clever aspects of their visualization that we particularly like is showing the time spent interacting with each tool by the size of the tree: low, medium, and high. It helps reveal which tools tend to be at the center of users’ workflows. Super interesting view of the stack.

Airstream’s entry into The Stackies was produced by Element Three, who also had two other finalist entries in this year’s award — an amazing animated GIF of BraunAbility’s marketing stack (needs to open in its own window) and their own agency’s stack.