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The Martech Show Episode #4

With Christopher Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist of Trust Insights as our editorial guest — and a true expert on the subject of AI and machine learning in marketing — I let the conversation drift to topics…

The Martech Show Episode #3

It was a terrific session, with special guest Erica Seidel, executive recruiter and founder of The Connective Good, along with our sponsoring guest Justin Sharaf, VP marketing at Jahia. Erica kicked off the show by walking us through the…

The Martech Show Episode #2

The second episode of The Martech Show is now posted for your viewing pleasure. It was a great honor to have David Raab, founder of The CDP Institute — indeed, the person who defined the customer data platform category. David…

Watch the first episode of The Martech Show

Jeff covered the latest updates to the still-growing Martech 5000 database — after deduping new submissions, updates, and removed solutions, the landscape expanded to 8,097 platforms and apps.

Martec Law – Tech Changes Fast, Org Slow

“Digital transformation” has been a hot topic for at least a decade. For companies at any real scale though, their plans for transformation were frequently mapped out in years. And as they started that journey,…

Marketing and Tech Integration Go Hand in Hand

The CDP Institute released their latest State of Customer Data report last week, and it revealed an important milestone in the martech industry: For the first time ever, the majority of participants (52%) described their martech stack as an integrated,…

2020 Martech Stackie Awards

This is the 6th year that we have run The Stackies as an awards contest that invites marketers to send in a single slide illustrating their marketing stack — the collection of martech tools they use and the way…
saas apps trends

SaaS adoption 2020 trends

SaaS spend over the past year for SMB companies has doubled 100%, for mid-sized companies it’s grown 66%, and for enterprise companies… it’s essentially been flat.
agile marketing trends

Agile marketing adoption is 42% in 2020

The big trend: agile marketing adoption is up from 32% in 2019 to 42% in 2020.
martech tools

Marketing tools between landscapes

Europe developed 78% more DAM and MRM tools — digital asset management and marketing resource management — than the US. In contrast, the US developed 252% more ABM tools than Europe.