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agile marketing trends

Agile marketing adoption is 42% in 2020

The big trend: agile marketing adoption is up from 32% in 2019 to 42% in 2020.
martech tools

Marketing tools between landscapes

Europe developed 78% more DAM and MRM tools — digital asset management and marketing resource management — than the US. In contrast, the US developed 252% more ABM tools than Europe.

Paychex Marketing Stack

This Paychex stack is probably my favorite of this year’s entries. They’ve crafted a precision diagram of their marketing stack along three dimensions that’s simply brilliant.

Esri Marketing Stack

Esri’s stack does a beautiful job of explaining the different tools they use, with a simple label on each describing what it does

Juniper Networks Marketing Stack

Juniper Networks is another repeat Stackies contributor from 2018. Last year’s entry was well done.

Airstream Marketing Stack

Airstream is a repeat participant in The Stackies, for which we’re enormously grateful. You can check out their entry in last year’s Stackies awards.

Sargento Foods Marketing Stack

The innovation that they brought to their stack visualization is at the bottom of the slide: showing the relative percentages of teams engaged at each stage — Marketing, Insights, Creative, Ecommerce, and Sales.

Marketers Replace Marketing App Every Year.

83% of marketers have swapped out at least one marketing software application in the past year.