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Juniper Networks Marketing Stack

Juniper Networks is another repeat Stackies contributor from 2018. Last year’s entry was well done. This year’s is very well done.

They’ve embedded a lot of information in a design that’s still clean and easy to understand. There are essentially two dimensions to their stack illustration. First, there are three “clouds” of customer lifecycle stages in which tools are applied: pre-sales marketing, post-sales marketing, and pre- and post-sales marketing that span both.

Second, there are different vertical “layers” of functionality that loop through all of the clouds, in a nod to the top-level categories of the marketing technology landscape:

  • Management
  • Content & Experience
  • Relationships & Social
  • Data
  • Sales

They’re also a great example of a “best-of-breed” stack — let’s face it, most marketing stacks these days are best-of-breed — featuring tools from nearly all of the major enterprise martech vendors: Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. Heterogeneity for the win.

Source: Martech