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Paychex Marketing Stack

This Paychex stack is probably my favorite of this year’s entries. They’ve crafted a precision diagram of their marketing stack along three dimensions that’s simply brilliant.

First, the different tools themselves are identified as different colored logo cubes — blue for Data, cyan for Content & Experience, dark orange for Social & Relationships, and green for Advertising & Promotion.

Second, they categorized four layers/stages of marketing technology that work together to acquire and convert qualified leads — Foundational, Operational, Nurture, and Lead Gen — and placed the martech cubes accordingly.

And third, in a stroke of genius, they also mapped these martech cubes into six tracks that rank their relative degree of automation:

  • Fully automated
  • Mostly automated
  • Some automation and requires minimal manual work
  • Some processes in place to make it more efficient
  • Mostly manual
  • Fully manual

I’m fascinated by the balancing of automation and humanization in marketing operations and technology, so examining their marketing stack through that lens really resonated with me.

All this machinery works to concert to produce leads that are marked with an AB, or C grade before being shipped off to sales. Those that don’t make the grade get recycled back into Nurture or Lead Gen.

The inclusion of their goal and vision is a nice touch: a reminder of why, not just what.

Source: Martech