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The Martech Show Episode #3

It was a terrific session, with special guest Erica Seidel, executive recruiter and founder of The Connective Good, along with our sponsoring guest Justin Sharaf, VP marketing at Jahia.

Erica kicked off the show by walking us through the evolving trends she’s been seeing in hiring marketing executives — see the table at the top of this post — as well as some of the trade-offs that companies need to consider when hiring the right CMO.

We then shifted into a discussion about how marketing ops and martech professionals can advance to leading the entire marketing organization. More CMOs are coming from these backgrounds. But while ops and tech pros have some advantages to press, they also face challenges — both real and perceived — in winning these top spots.

Erica shared some terrific advice on overcoming these hurdles, and Justin shared his personal experience on the journey from leading marketing ops and technology at LogMeIn to running of all marketing at Jahia.