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The Martech Show Episode #5

MarTech Conference covered five major trends in marketing technology that are already present today but will grow dramatically over the next 10 years in The Age of the Augmented Marketer:

  1. “No Code” Citizen Creators
  2. Platforms, Networks & Marketplaces
  3. The Great App Explosion
  4. From Big Data to Big Ops
  5. Harmonizing Human + Machine

The research for that keynote came out of a collaboration I did with Jason Baldwin, the head of product management at WPP. We’ve got a full report coming out soon, but in advance of that release, Jason joined me for The Martech Show Episode #5 to share his insights on several of those trends, particularly “Harmonizing Human + Machine” and the near future of AI in marketing.

We were joined by Alex Pelletier, founder and CEO of martech consultancy Perkuto, who graciously sponsored this episode by making a donation on behalf of the show to One Laptop Per Child. Alex brought some great perspective to the trend of The Great App Explosion talking about his firm’s experience in blending software and services.